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The Football tournament has arrived once again at Earlsmead and is happening every lunch time throughout the week. All children were again given the opportunity to be involved and the teams were selected fairly to ensure a fair and enjoyable tournament. The results will be posted once the tournament has been played, watch this space...........


The results are:

Year 5/6 tournament:

Group 1:

1st - Germany

2nd - Italy

3rd - England

4th - France


Group 2:

1st - Sweden

2nd - Iceland

3rd - Denmark

4th - Norway


Awards go to:

Best goalie - Aryan and Sheraz

Player of the tournament - Raadiyah

Most sportsmanship - Saranyan and Rosaan

Best goal - Antoni


Year 3/4 tournament:

Group 1:

1st - Germany

2nd - England

3rd - France

4th - Italy


Group 2:

1st - Denmark

2nd - Norway

3rd - Iceland

4th - Sweden


Awards go to:

Best goalie - Humza

Player of the tournament - Mahdi

Most sportsmanship - Haveen

Best goal - Amaar