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African animal experience

We have been learning about Kenya. Kenya is too far for us to go on a school trip so we had some Kenyan animals visit us in school.

Lime the berber skink

Lime the berber skink 1
Lime the berber skink 2
Lime the berber skink 3
Lime the berber skink 4

Hissing cockroach

Hissing cockroach 1 He had no eyes.
Hissing cockroach 2 He was tickling my hand.
Hissing cockroach 3 He was black and hard.
Hissing cockroach 4

Royal python

Royal python 1 The snake was long.
Royal python 2 The snake is smooth.
Royal python 3 The snake is camouflaged in the leaves.
Royal python 4 The snake was black and brown.

Bosc lizard

Bosc lizard 1
Bosc lizard 2
Bosc lizard 3
Bosc lizard 4

Spike the African pygmy hedgehog

Spike the African pygmy hedgehog 1 The hedgehog was spiky.
Spike the African pygmy hedgehog 2 The hedgehog can jump.
Spike the African pygmy hedgehog 3 The hedgehog was a bit jumpy.
Spike the African pygmy hedgehog 4 Hedgehogs are nocturnal so he was sleepy.

Kitkat the meerkat

Kitkat the meerkat 1 The meerkat is soft.
Kitkat the meerkat 2 The meerkat was cute.
Kitkat the meerkat 3 He has black patches like sunglasses.
Kitkat the meerkat 4 He ate our playtime pears.