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Annual Statement of Issues Faced and Addressed

Issues faced and addressed by Earlsmead Primary School Governing Body 2014-15


Issue Action How and who Evaluation
Need to plan for ARP development, building developments alongside usual financial planning Budget setting, monitoring and review Resources Committee initial plan, agreed by full Governing Body All aspects of building work completed without negative impact on wider school budget.
Opening of new ARP September 2015: significant disruption to school site through building and refurbishment process Oversight of development of new Additional Resource Provision Full Governing Body, Governor visits ARP opened to pupils September 2015; wider school site reorganised and provision enhanced as a result.
Need to ensure all policies are up to date and reflect current legislation and good practice Policy documentation review Sub committees, full Governing Body as required Policies in place and up to date.
Need to oversee performance review in order to make informed decisions about pay Performance review of staff Performance review information scrutinised by Pay Committee Pay awards made as agreed.
Need to ensure the action planning for the school reflects current school needs School Improvement Plan review Full Governing Body and committee discussions, focusing on different sections School improvement plan an effective working document.
OfStEd March 2014: Pupils’ mistakes in the use of grammar are not identified and corrected quickly enough and advice on how pupils could improve their work is inconsistent and not always followed up; teachers do not always expect them to make good use of the literacy skills they have learned. Introduction  and monitoring of new marking policy Curriculum Committee: look at pupils’ books alongside policy; question/ challenge to senior staff Governing body has clear insight into impact of new policy and consistency with which it is being implemented.
OfStEd March 2014: Pupils are not always clear about what they have to achieve and work is not always challenging enough, especially for the most able in maths Meet with groups of pupils to discuss: their targets, the degree to which they feel challenged, and their views on marking Governor visits into school, Spring and Summer Terms 2015 Pupils aware of next steps and purpose of changed approach to marking. Further challenge from Governors to school leaders top ensure pupils all know what their targets are.
OfStEd March 2014: Pupils’ behaviour requires improvement because pupils do not always try hard enough or maintain concentration in lessons School visits to gain insight into attitudes to learning Governor visits into school, Spring and Summer Terms 2015 Governing Body able to see first-hand positive attitudes to learning across the school.
OfStEd March 2014: Subject leaders do not have a clear enough understanding of how well teachers and pupils are doing in the subjects they lead and manage Discussion with subject leaders Governor visits into school, Spring and Summer Terms 2015 Governors reported development of subject leaders in terms of confidence, and knowledge of their subject across the school.
OfStEd March 2014: Pupils do not achieve equally well across all classes and subjects. Close scrutiny of assessment data and transition matrices Governor visits into school, Spring and Summer Terms 2015 Governors better equipped to understand data, and ask questions/ offer challenge.