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Child Protection Team

At Earlsmead, we are very keen to ensure that every child is protected from harm. We have policies and procedures we follow in order to do this, and a team of six members of staff trained to support children experiencing difficulties. The team meets every fortnight to discuss safeguarding responsibilities within Earlsmead, and actions that need to be taken to ensure the wellbeing and safety of every child. All members of the team also liaise with services outside of school to support specific families.


Miss Gregory is the Designated Safeguarding Lead. She coordinates any referrals that might be made to Social Care or the Early Intervention Team.


Ms Nobbs is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.


Ms Nobbs is the Designated Teacher for Children Looked After. She looks out for the wellbeing of any child who is in short or long-term foster care.


Miss Gregory and Ms Nobbs are also responsible for investigating any allegations made against adults working in school.


Mrs St Louis is the nominated Governor for Safeguarding, and she ensures the Governing Body is kept informed and that policies and practices are in place.


Mrs Stangroom, Miss Redmond and Mrs Doherty work with the other members of the team, supporting individual children and families.


If any member of the school community has a concern about a child's wellbeing, they can speak with any member of the Child Protection Team.




Child Protection Team May 2018