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PE and Sports Premium

Additional funding for PE and sport in primary schools


The government is spending £450 million on improving PE and sport in primary schools. The funding was given over the academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15 and is being continued for 2015/16.


Purpose of the PE and sports premium


Schools and academies must use the PE and sports premium funding to make improvements:
“... to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of primary-aged pupils ... to give them the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle.”


At Earlsmead, we use the money to:


Develop pupils’ skills

  • develop a culture of high expectation and achievement among all pupils in PE and sports
  • broaden the range of sports that pupils experience and develop their academic knowledge and skills
  • improve transferable skills such as team work, listening and co-operation


Increase participation in sport


In 2014-15 this has included:

  • borough netball and football competitions and leagues
  • one-off competitions in rounders and cross-country running
  • borough athletics competition
  • an increased number of extra-curricular clubs


Improve quality of PE teaching


At Earlsmead we have:

  • Allocated funding for the Harrow sports adviser to work alongside Earlsmead’s PE co-ordinator to develop good quality planning and resources
  • Allocated funding for the same advisory teacher to run demonstration PE lessons for all teachers, in order for them to develop their PE teaching skills


Improve Pupils’ health and wellbeing


At Earlsmead we have:

  • Invested in training for lunch time staff to increase their confidence in leading active play throughout the lunch break
  • Invested in “Fit for Life” training for a member of staff to run targeted activities at lunch-time
  • Invested in a range of play equipment to promote physical activity throughout break and lunch times
  • Run health and wellbeing weeks with a focus on fitness, eating healthily and related science activities
  • Invited visitors to inspire pupils including an Olympic athlete
  • Organised activities such as bikeability for Y3 – 6; and a visit from the smoothie bike company – pedal power to make smoothies!
  • Developed a Junior Travel Ambassadors group to promote cycling, scooting and walking to school
  • Installed a scooter park again to promote scooting to school


For further information, please see the plan below.