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Performance data

Performance Data


On the 1st August, 2017, Earlsmead Primary School became part of the Tithe Multi-Academy Trust.  Earlsmead is, therefore, a new school and does not have any current data.  We look forward to sharing our results with you in the near future.


Throughout the year at Earlsmead, teachers are assessing pupils carefully in order to ensure they are being challenged and making the best progress they can. Three times a year, every class teacher meets with the Headteacher and other senior staff to discuss the progress of each pupil in their care and to identify what needs to be done to secure good progress.


Pupils are assessed as they come into Reception, and then as they leave Reception.


Pupils in Year 1 are assessed in their phonics knowledge with the nationally conducted Phonics Check in June.


Pupils in Year 2 are assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths in May and June.


Nationally, pupils in Year 6 are assessed in May.