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Year 4 Rounders

To give our year 4 children the opportunity to compete in a competitive situation we have been holding a rounders tournament on Wednesday lunch times. We have split the children into their house teams and they have been playing and competing against one another for the past three weeks. As there are so many children we had also split them into two groups - A and B.

A team have competed this half term and the B team will be competing next half term. Here are the results of the A teams:


1st place - Kenilworth 

2nd place - Corfe

3rd place - Arundel

4th place - Windsor


Well done to all the children who took part this half term, they have learnt how to work as a team and how to conduct themselves in a competitive match situation by shaking hands at the end of the match and congratulating the winners.

The B team will compete next half term and the results will go up once the matches have been played. 


B team results:


1st place - Corfe

2nd place - Windsor

3rd place - Arundel

4th place - Kenilworth


Well done to all the children who took part this half term!