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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School




At Earlsmead Primary School, we believe that Art in an integral part of a child’s right to a broad and balanced curriculum. A good quality Art and Design curriculum provides children with the opportunities to be inspired and challenged, and contributes to their personal development in creativity and self-reflection.

Our curriculum intends to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to experiment and create their own artwork, crafts and designs. Key knowledge and skills are caught, sought and taught as pupils are gradually introduced to a range of artists, and explore the different styles they use. Children will build on skills learnt in previous year groups, which is evidenced in sketchbooks that are taken forward as they move through the school.  Through our Art lessons, children at Earlsmead will learn about the role of Art and its impact on different time periods, explore their own creativity and reflect and evaluate their own creations.


Our Kapow scheme of work is coherently sequenced and progressive, where each year group will learn a range of skills and techniques linked to National Curriculum objectives.  Children’s knowledge and skills are built upon over a sequence of adapted lessons which lead to a final showcase piece of learning. We ensure that Art is included in each year group, with a level of progression that supports, challenges and develops all our children so that they develop creative and enquiring minds.


We measure progress in Art and Design through ongoing POP (Proof of Progress) quizzes to start each lesson, leading up to a final task at the end of each unit for every year group.  This, alongside the children's sketchbooks, enable judgements to be made about the children's attainment in Art and Design.