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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School



At Earlsmead, we believe in SUCCESS FOR ALL.  Our curriculum has been designed with this in mind - that all pupils are given the opportunity to excel regardless of their starting points or background.

Intent – what do we expect our pupils to learn?

Learning is a change to long-term memory. Our provision is based around the national curriculum. Our aim is that knowledge, skills and values are taught, sought and caught in learning and life. There are clear, identified end points in each phase of learning, which are coherently sequenced to build on what has been taught before. In English, for example, this takes the form of longer writes to end a unit.  Proof of Progress Tasks across the wider curriculum mark and celebrate the end of units, and in music and PE, final outcomes are performance pieces.   

We value mental and physical health.  We are fully inclusive and celebrate the diversity of our community.  Our curriculum is adapted and developed for pupils with a range of needs, abilities and interests. We provide pupils with localised knowledge and real or life-like experiences. Pupils then extend their learning beyond the local area, into the UK and the wider world. We challenge and develop all pupils academically, socially and personally to shape well-rounded, responsible citizens and life-long learners. ‚Äč


Implementation – how do we teach our curriculum?

Implementation describes the way in which we deliver the curriculum to our children each day.  

Our curriculum is driven by History and Geography topics which are supported by the KAPOW scheme of work and KWL grids (what the children know, want to know and have learnt later in that topic).  These are completed to provide teachers with a starting point for what knowledge the children have already acquired in previous years.  They are revisited throughout a taught unit to demonstrate learning which has been retained. 

Throughout topics, teachers practice spaced retrieval.  This is all to do with providing opportunities to progressively recall information over periods of time.  In music and PE lessons, this may involve a recap of previous learning.  In maths, children complete Flashback 4 questions.  In foundation subjects, teachers use Proof of Progress Quizzes – or POP Quizzes – to throughout a topic.  At the end of topics taught, to both celebrate what has been learnt and assist teachers with ongoing assessment, a POP task is completed independently.  This is a task designed to showcase what has been learnt, with a key focus on the key vocabulary and sticky knowledge that has been retained.

Over time, and by the end of their journey at Earlsmead, children will be able to recall and apply key information which will contribute to them achieving success in the future.

At Earlsmead, we offer a minimum of two hours PE per week in Years 1 - 6 plus a range of specialist well-being and sporting events.


Impact – how do we know what has been learnt?

Rigorous monitoring is carried out throughout the year to gauge the impact of our curriculum design.  Having subject leaders in place for all subjects allows for constant review and evaluation, providing feedback on practice moving forwards.  We do not confuse coverage with progress: assessing achievement is all to do with measuring how successful the application of skills has been across the curriculum.  Progress against knowledge mats and KWL grids initially introduced at the start of a topic, POP quizzes and POP tasks all assist in measuring progress from starting points through careful teacher assessment.  

As a diverse and multi-cultural school, our children are unique and wonderful.  They have the right to explore and recognise their own talents and the right to succeed in learning.  Our school motto SUCCESS FOR ALL, and its underpinning values, reminds us of this, as well as the key qualities we want to see in action daily.  With these values equipped, we believe our children will leave Earlsmead and continue on their learning journey with a motivation to succeed and embrace all life has to offer.

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