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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School



What are knowledge mats?                        

A knowledge mat is a set of key facts or information that pupils need to know and be able to recall in order to master a unit or topic. Typically, a mat fits onto one page of A4, which helps students to visualise the layout of the page, which in turn helps them to memorise the information better. An example is attached to this letter.


How will a knowledge mats help my child?

Knowledge mats will be made available at the start of each unit to help them remember what they are learning and to help them to see the bigger learning journey in their subjects. Instead of forgetting previous learning, students will continually revisit and retrieve prior learning from their memories.

How will a knowledge mat help me to help my child?

Many parents/carers ask us how they can help to support their children at home. Many are worried that they do not have all of the subject specific knowledge to be able to help their children and some worry how to check that their children have done their homework and revision. The knowledge mats will help you to do all this easily.