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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School


PHSE Activities

PSHE is more important than ever at this time.

In school, we follow the SCARF curriculum by Coram Trust.  SCARF have produced resources that aren't the normal curriculum but are designed to be helpful at this time.

Harold's daily diary gives structure to the week and encourages children to think positively as he celebrates:
Mindfulness Monday (calming activities)

Try it out Tuesday (trying new things helps us feel a sense of success.  Miss Akrill has been learning a little Romanian "nu sunt baiat" is my first useful phrase!)

Workout Wednesday

Thinking of others Thursday (finding ways to thank and help others)

Friendship Friday (all about connecting with friends and family)



PSHE Lesson 1 - Staying Safe Online

Keeping your profiles safe and being kind online


This is written for parents, not children, so here are some easier to follow instructions:

1) Watch this: www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/watch/

2)Scroll down to page 2 and look at this youtube-style profile.  What four things has Alfie done to make sure his profile is safe?

3) Think about:

Who wrote a mean comment about Alfie?

Who ‘liked’ the comment?

Why wasn’t this a kind thing to do? 

4) Write an answer to: 

What positive words could Ellie, Alfie and Sam use to describe each other?

Remember to be kind if you are talking to others online.  If someone is annoying you, stop the conversation.  If someone shares something upsetting, worrying or offensive, show an adult (remember not to take a screenshot or close the conversation).