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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School


School Uniform & Dress Code

Our uniform unites us - bringing us together and reinforcing our sense of belonging and togetherness.

All children are expected to wear the correct school uniform every day.  Pupils can win Dojo points for displaying the correct uniform.

The school uniform is sold at Angels. To ensure that all parents and carers are able to provide the required uniform, second-hand items will be made available by the school. 

The formal Earlsmead uniform consists of:


  • Royal blue tracksuit bottoms.
  • Gold polo shirts with school logo.
  • Royal blue shorts in the summer.
  • Blue, gold, white or grey head scarves
  • Comfortable flat shoes or trainers.

 Reception to Year 6:

  • Black trousers, tartan skirts.
  • White cotton shirts tucked in to trousers or skirts.
  • School tie.
  • Royal blue jumpers with school logo.
  • Blue and White or Yellow and White summer dress
  • Blue, yellow or white head scarf.
  • Black flat school shoes or trainers.  No high heels, boots or sandals.
  • Plain black or white socks or tights.




All shoes must be plain black. Sandals, mules and boots (full length or ankle) are not allowed. Hair decorations should be small and either black, gold or blue. 

Children also need a book bag and a drawstring P.E. bag clearly labelled with their name and class.  Optional book bags with the Earlsmead logo are available from Angels.  



PE kits must be worn to school on the days that your child has PE.  This reduces lesson time spent on changing.  On swimming days, pupils can choose to wear the PE Uniform OR their formal uniform (as long as they are able to change in and out of it independently).


  • Royal blue shorts.
  • White t-shirt.
  • Royal blue track-suit for colder weather.
  • Black trainers.



For health and safety reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery. The exceptions to this rule are small ear studs in pierced ears, a wrist watch (analogue is preferred over digital) and small objects of religious significance. Children are responsible for looking after their own jewellery. 

Wherever possible children are required to remove any jewellery items during PE lessons to prevent them from causing injury. Please note: Teachers are not permitted to remove earrings for pupils.  



Pupils are also not allowed to wear any make-up or nail varnish, including nail extensions, in school.  Coloured contact lenses are not permitted.

Headscarves should be plain black, white or navy blue without embellishments.

Hair which is shoulder-length or longer must be tied back neatly using a black, white or navy hairband.  Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.  This includes natural hair or extensions that have been dyed an unnatural hue, extreme lengths or logos shaved into hair. 

To avoid race-based hair discrimination, we have adopted the Halo Code



We believe that one of the responsibilities of parents is to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and PE kit, and that it is clean, in good repair and that the child’s name is written on all items. If a parent has difficulties for any reason with fulfilling this request, they are asked to speak confidentially to a senior member of staff to discuss the issues. Parents should be assured that we will do all we can to help. Children who arrive at school wearing non-school uniform clothing may be loaned an appropriate item from our welfare stock to wear for that day. Parents may be contacted to discuss the matter if incorrect uniform becomes a concern.



Repeated non-compliance with our uniform expectations will be dealt with sensitively and in consultation with parents and carers. Our aim is to support families to enable all pupils to wear the correct school uniform.

So as to avoid indirect discrimination reasonable adjustments will be made, as appropriate, for pupils with a protected characteristic. This should be discussed directly with the school in the first instance and careful consideration will be given to any such request.