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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School


Spring term

In Spring 1, Year 3 'Dressing Up For Digits' to celebrate 'Number Day.' They had a great day putting their maths skills and knowledge to the test by solving number and shape investigations. A fun and educational day was had by all. 









Our Geography topic was 'Antarctica'. The children were fascinated to learn about the location, climate and human and physical features of Anartictica They were also interested to learn about the animals that lived there and why people visit and work there. As part of the topic, the children learnt how to read a 4-grid reference map and used compass points to follow and write directions for a expedition to Antarctica. 

In Spring 2, we learnt about the Romans. We were fascinated to find out when and why they invaded Britain. We learnt what made them so successful and even tried creating our own Roman army battle formations. We had a wonderful day exploring the Roman museum and park in St Alban's. We felt very lucky to see so many interesting Roman objects and amazing Roman mosaics.