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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School


Summer term

Art & Design - Sculpture

In Art, we have been preparing to create our own memory museums, starting with analysing how art can explore the concept of self. We have also been discussing the approach of different artists, such as Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell, and considering how this may influence our own work. Stay tuned to see our beautiful creations this term!

History - What it means to be historically significant

This term, our focus has been on understanding the concept of historical significance. In our History lessons, we have dedicated our time to honing our inference skills, extracting valuable information from various sources, assessing the importance of historical figures, and establishing our own criteria for determining significance.

English - Classic tales and their place in history

In addition to delving into the realm of historical significance, our English lessons have centred around exploring how timeless stories become ingrained in history. One such tale that has captured our imagination is Neil Gaiman's chilling and dark retelling of the classic story of Hansel and Gretel.

Within this haunting narrative, the backdrop is a war-ravaged family, faced with immense hardship. The parents, feeling as though they have no other choice, decide to abandon their children in the forest. Rest assured, the main plot remains intact - the children stumble upon a gingerbread house in the woods and encounter the wicked witch, who still harbours her nefarious plans to consume Hansel!

Maths - Geometry

We have been describing positions on the full coordinate grid (all 4 quadrants) as well as drawing and translating simple shapes on the coordinate plane. We've also had fun reflecting them! 






Maths - Statistics

We have been interpreting and constructing pie charts and line graphs before using these to solve problems. We have also been calculating and interpreting the mean as an average