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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School


Summer term


In English, we've been reading the picture book "Farther" by Graham Baker Smith. We've been exploring how to create an engaging setting narrative using the SOAP method – Similes and Metaphors, Onomatopoeias, Alliteration and Personification. Currently, we are working on writing a heartfelt letter from the perspective of a father communicating with his child.


In maths, we've covered a range of topics including shape and space, where we've been busy exploring angles, lines of symmetry and using protractors to measure angles accurately. We’ve enjoyed using practical tools to really help us grasp these concepts. Additionally, we've amazed ourselves by memorising squared numbers and cubed numbers effortlessly during KIRF sessions.



We've been researching the life cycles of various animals, from reptiles and birds to amphibians. We’ve used iPads and books from the school library to conduct thorough research and gather fascinating information such as understanding terms like “metamorphosis”. We also got to use a real life Bunsen burner when we went to Rooks Heath School on our class trip.




In Computing, we have been building our knowledge of coding using the Micro:bit. We've learned how it can function as an input, process and output device that can be programmed and have enjoyed watching it copy our designs from the micro:bit directly to the computers.