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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School


What People Say

2023 - 2024

At Earlsmead School we aim for continuous improvement and value the voices of parents, carers, pupils and the wider community.  In keeping with this, we again surveyed parents over Spring 1, 2024.  Here is some of the feedback we received during this survey:

Parents and Carers:

* 93% of parents say their children are happy at this school.

* 93% of parents agree that their child feels safe at this school.

* 92% of parents confirm that this school makes sure the pupils are well-behaved.

* 89% of parents agree that their child does well at this school.

* 93% of parents say there is a good range of subjects at this school.

* 88% of parents would recommend the school to another parent.

Parent Comments:

* I would like to thank all the staff who work at the school.  You help children develop as individuals and give them knowledge.  It is a hard and very responsible job.

* I was worried about my daughter because everything is new but I'm very surprised and very happy for her.  She loves this school and I'm very happy with the staff.  Many thanks!

* Really happy with the school and kids love and enjoy it, too!

* Appreciate all the good work the teachers and staff do catering towards the development of all children.  We'd like to express our gratitude towards Miss Dumbarton for her excellent service in teaching, guiding and developing children in Year 3.

* You are all doing a great job and I am deeply grateful for your support and I truly appreciate it.  Thank you all and especially Ms C. Hill, Mrs T. Lyons and Mrs C. Fennell.

* My daughter is happy with her teacher and she really loves to go to school.  =

* All the staff are very professional, very kind, supportive and working hard.  Big thank you to all.  The school has improved.  Children can do different types of clubs and different activities.  Big thank you for everything.

* Thanks to Mrs Fennell, Mr Shah and the school assistants for the brilliant job!  

* Thank you for your hard work with our children!

* Saplings teachers and team have been really helpful and supportive in all aspects of my child's development.

* My child has the correct level of support and encouragement from staff who have worked extremely hard in supporting his progress and development.  Thank you for your continuous and ongoing support.

* The staff have bent over backwards to make things appealing for my child and help him through a tough time. 

* Particular shout out to Ms Shah for her unending patience and kindness.

2024 Parent Survey – You Said, We Did

You Said…

We Did…

* More clubs were needed for KS1 pupils.

From September 2023 we increased the offer of clubs in Key Stage 1 which now includes:

  • Yoga
  • Board Games
  • French
  • Drawing
  • Lego


We hope to maintain and continue to expand this area of curriculum further.

* Bullying was an issue with some pupils.

It is vital that we all understand what bullying is:  Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or groups where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.  Not all name calling or falling out with friends is bullying.


We followed up the responses in this general survey with an in-depth bullying survey with parents.  Each and every parent who mentioned a case of bullying was contacted by a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss their specific situations.  What we found was that many of the incidents would not fall under a bullying category (e.g. a single instance of saying someone is not good at football is unkind but not bullying) or were historical.  100% of parents in our follow-ups agreed that the situation had been successfully resolved.


We have signed up for the United Against Bullying programme for 2023 – 2024.  This has included an in-depth pupil survey.  In March 2024, we achieved the Bronze Award from this programme.  Our school council have also rewritten our Antibullying Policy into a child-friendly version.


All class teachers now do extra duties over lunch time.  Senior Leaders are on duty daily in the lunch hall.


We hold regular Anti-bullying events (e.g. Anti-bullying Week, Autism Awareness Day, Internet Day) and workshops.  Bullying workshops for parents have been offered in the past, though attendance was disappointing.  We will be holding more of these in the future so please do attend. 

* There were issues around homework (too much, not enough, it wasn’t clear).


* Some parents were not sure how to help their children at home.

Individual comments about home learning were followed up with class teachers wherever possible.


Home learning is set on Class Dojo every Wednesday and is to be completed in the Homework books.  It is to be returned every Monday.  On top of this, children must complete DAILY home reading and record that in their Reading Records.


Homework may be marked by the class teacher (green pen) or it may be marked by the pupils (orange pen).  Both are acceptable.


Reading workshops for parents were held the week beginning 5th February 2024 for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.  Videos of these will be shared on Class Dojo AND on our new Parent Training page on the website as soon as it is ready.


The best thing you can do to help your child is daily home reading!

* Some children need extra practise to learn new things.

Interventions are taking place in every class during school hours. Some classes also offer ‘Booster’ groups outside of class times.


‘Soft Start’ will be changing it’s name to PARCs (Practise and Recall Sessions) from 8.45am sharp every morning.  This means key learning and practise will take place daily for every pupil.


Monday:  Handwriting Practise

Tuesday:  Spelling

Wednesday:  Punctuation and Grammar

Thursday: KIRFS – Key Instant Recall Facts

Friday:  Reading for Pleasure/Orange penning

* Increased communication between home and school.

Class teachers have a checklist for newly joined families, which includes making sure they have joined Class Dojo.  This is our main method of communication.  Teachers are happy to help you sign up if you need assistance.


Our schedule of formal parent-teacher meetings are:

Autumn:  Parent-Teacher Information Sessions (September)

Spring:  Parent- Teacher Progress Meetings (March)

Summer:  Parent-Teacher Report Meetings (July)


We also send out Curriculum Maps for every class every half-term so you know what your child is studying.  These go out to parents the first Friday of every half term and have always been available via Class Dojo and also on the school website Class Pages.


We also offer regular ‘Open Sessions’ and since September 2023, we have held these in every class for English, Maths and Foundation subjects.  These have been extremely popular and well-attended so we will look to continue offering these in the future.



We will not offer daily or weekly updates because of the demands this would place on teacher workload.  However, you can ask to meet a teacher at any time to get an update on your child’s progress or to inform them of any events in their home lives which may be impacting their progress or wellbeing. 

* Can pupils wear their formal uniform on swimming days?

Yes!  We have told pupils this is fine.  They will need to be able to change in and out of their uniform themselves, though.


2023 - 2024


* I have been here for 10 years and the school has only improved with each passing year.  We make such a difference to the children.  Everyone goes the extra mile to keep the standards high at Earlsmead.

* I feel valued and respected.  There is a lovely atmosphere here.  Everyone gets on and helps each other.  All staff are lovely and kind.  The children are happy and lovely to work with.  It is invaluable to have a Headteacher who is approachable and understanding, and we have that here.

* Staff wellbeing is extremely well looked after.  I think the increase in parent involvement i.e. workshops etc. has been superb.

* I feel there is a strong sense of family in this school and everyone looks out for each other and supports one another.

* Lots in place to help with workload.  Schemes of work, deadlines always reasonable and communicated well in advance.  Extra PPA is invaluable and helps me to monitor and raise standards across the school.

* Supportive, caring and dedicated staff.  Fantastic kids who love coming to school each day.  Great relationships between staff and I always feel valued.  

* All staff are fully dedicated to their job and the children.  We support one another.  I feel part of the team - appreciated and needed.

* I think we have sharpened up in areas of learning, i.e. daily reading checks as well as neat presentation expected and encouraged in books.  Marking expectations and inclusion of TA input in this is very good practice.  Staff playtime supervision has increased which has helped with monitoring any problems between children arising at the time.  Various 'fun' days e.g. Pi day, Easter bonnet, Mental Health, Science workshops, Red Nose Day, Book week, circuit fun training etc. have all engaged the children to enhance wider learning.

* I like the people who work in Earlsmead.  There is always someone available when I need to talk on a professional level.  Something about Earlsmead motivates me to do better and push myself.  Overall, I am in a happy place.

* I think we have a strong support as well as friendship network in our school - there is always someone to listen, help and guide in times of need.  I am grateful to all of my colleagues for their help and encouragement, which helps me get through my working day, making it a lovely place to be.

* There is a huge amount in place to support workload management including training, supervision, extra management time, weeks without meetings, short meetings, schedules/dates given well in advance and wellbeing days.  There is such a strong sense of collaboration and partnership.

* I have a great team around me, and we support each other by checking in and giving advice that we have learnt throughout the year.

* The atmosphere is open and welcoming.  All staff seem to be open to giving and receiving constructive feedback.  

* We have a motivating and supportive SLT.  Staff wellbeing and development are a big push.  Staff at Earlsmead are highly valued.  All staff members have the opportunity to participate in discussions and shape the direction of the school.

* The school is well-organised and has good training days.  

* All staff are very friendly.  If I need help or have any queries, I know that I can ask anyone and they will give as much help as they can.  Everyone has been so helpful during my whole time within the school.  

* I feel a part of a team.  I have a voice.  There is always someone there to listen to you if needed.  

* We have a great phonics programme that runs throughout the whole school.  We work as a team and there is always someone you can talk to.  

*Earlsmead is a warm and welcoming place for both pupils and staff.  I always feel supported and have a chance to make a positive impact in children's lives and education.  

* I am grateful for the welcoming atmosphere and the effort everyone puts in to make the school a great place.  The workshops and events, like 'Break the Rules Day' and 'Pi Day' have been enjoyable experiences.  It's heartening to see a school that genuinely cares for their students and staff alike.

* Working here makes me happy.

* The children are amazing and so eager to learn.  All staff support each other.  SLT - If I do have any concerns about anything, their doors are always open and matters are dealt with fairly.  Myself and others are encouraged to learn and develop.  Everyone is approachable and has a sense of humour, which is key.  Earlsmead has me hooked!


2022 - 2023

At Earlsmead, we regularly collect and analyse feedback from the community so that we are constantly improving.  Here is some of the feedback we received in 2022 - 2023.

Parents and Carers:

* 95% of parents say their children are happy at this school.

* 89% of parents say their children feel safe at this school.

* 91% of parents agree that the school makes sure the pupils are well-behaved.

* 84% of parents confirm that their child does well at this school

* 86% of parents would recommend the school to another parent.

Parent Comments:

* We’d like to thank Miss Khambhalia at Cherry class (Y2) for being a great teacher, and a big shoutout thanking all the staff at Earlsmed primary school for their hard work making the school a great establishment.

* I would like to thank the entire staff and head teacher for their wonderful job. My daughter is really doing well. Thank you so much for your great work.

* The SEN staff have inproved over the last few years.  My child has become more confident and expressive with a clear understanding of acceptable behaviour. Staff have supported him throughout his journey at school.  Both Mrs Fennell and Mrs Kaur have worked exceptionally well with both parents and the child. Thank you!

* Mr Hambidge is a wonderful teacher and so is Ms Khambhalia, they have been amazing throughout the year.  I have seen a sense of determination in my child for whatever has been asked for as part of the curriculum and also she has become more confident and courageous in taking part in the regular school assemblies and other activities.

* Miss Pandian has done a great job of settling my child in to the year. She is a clearly dedicated member of staff. 

* Thank you to all staff at the school, especially Ms Ahmed. After-school sports activities are also appreciated, thanks Mr Marshall.

* Mr Shah is an awesome teacher and has made learning an amazing experience for my daughter. He is also very professional in his approach. An asset to the school.

* The SEND department have been extremely supportive with my son. I would like to give my biggest appreciation to Miss Caton, Miss Pandian and Mrs Fennell for their huge support and help with my son. Thank you!!!

* Ms. Omar has been very, very good. She makes sure that we are getting regular and constant updates as well as regular home study material for kids.

* Really appreciate the move to face to face parents evening which I fed back in the last survey so great to see the change. Thankyou!

* I am very happy with the teaching style of Ms Amin. She has made my daughter a very happy child and improved her self-confidence. She always learns the best of each child and highlights them and encourages them. My daughter and myself are very thankful for having her as a teacher.

* Thank you to Miss Pandian for being a wonderful teacher.

* I like this school for my kids.


2022 - 2023 Staff:

* I love working in my role!  It's hard work and an everyday learning and challenging experience but one that I am thoroughly enjoying.

* Head always seeks ways to support our workload and wellbeing. Enjoy our wellbeing committee.

* We are always given deadlines in advance and SLT always offer support (including more time if needed).  PPA is always made up when it is missed and middle leaders are often offered extra time out of class to complete tasks.  Very much appreciated and welcomed to help manage the workload.

* SLT are very hardworking and do all they can to ensure that workload is manageable.

* All staff at are school including leaders, are very encouraging and friendly. If I have any problems or worries that need to be addressed, I know that the problems or worries will be resolved.

* Staff well-being is a top priority at this school. There is a very good support network.

* It is a pleasure to come to work every day. Working with staff that are caring, supportive, friendly and ready to help and support when required. Not just about work issues but also if you just need a chat.

* A good and well managed school with friendly staff.

* Thankful to be in a supportive workplace. Efforts to boost morale whether through humour, well-being days are appreciated.

* SLT work as a team to safeguard all pupils and staff. There is a strong sense of cohesion and collaboration across all roles within the school. Wellbeing initiatives and training has been effective in enhancing teacher efficacy.

* I love working here and feel proud to say I work here.

* The Head and all staff work so very hard and are so approachable - we work as a team.

* Always know I am supported and adore the Ethos of this school ('Home from Home' feel).  The wide range of topics in insets that has taken place this academic year has been brilliant in developing confidence, knowledge and skills to support staff and the children in our school.

* The School takes all the staff's points of view into consideration.

* Headteacher works very hard, is very approachable and supports all of us well. Have enjoyed all of the training over this year.

* SLT strive to ensure that Earlsmead is a happy and safe place for the children. Staff are positive and have a 'can do' attitude and many members of staff go out their way to help others. It is evident that SLT have a genuine care and concern for the children and staff. It is a joy to be part of the Earlsmead team.