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Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Primary School


Writing Activities

These writing activities are designed to improve your writing for Year 5. Have a go!


Dream Guest Persuasive Writing: A writing challenge for you (to get you off these screens!): Look at these characters (or choose a character from a book you're reading) and write a letter to someone in your house or to your teacher to persuade them to invite them to your house for the weekend to make your time at home more fun. 

23 things you didn't know about J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter ...     Things You Didn't Know About Winnie the Pooh | Reader's Digest         Despicable Me Stuart Minion 26 Inch Foil Balloon: Amazon.co.uk ...          All Spider-Man Movies Ranked Worst to Best — List of Spider-Man ...

Harry Potter                            Winnie The Pooh            Stuart the Minion            Spiderman

Creative Writing - Literacy Shed

We'll let you in to a secret - one of our favourite websites...

Literacy shed is full of inspiration for writing and thinking.  Beautiful images and thought-provoking short films.  It's where we found our rainforest-inspired video, which you can watch again here: https://www.literacyshed.com/hunted.html  I wonder what else you could write about it, other than a diary...

A video that links well to Nowhere Emporium is this one: https://www.literacyshed.com/forever-young.html Could you write this man's diary? Or you could explain what you would do if you could live forever. 

Finally, we love the story starter shed.  Choose any one and write a story of your own.

Do send examples of your writing to earlsmeadyear5@gmail.com.  We're used to reading your writing every day!