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Year 6 Message Board

Check everyday for updates from your teachers 

25/05/20 Good morning year 6, I hope you enjoyed listening to Floodland. Here is a link for a very interesting reading of James and the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29LDBdpNMRc

22/05/20 Good morning year six, I hope you are all well. I have attached the answers to the Year 6 Activity Booklet that we uploaded on the 4th of May. Good luck!

19/05/20 - Good evening year 6 and how are we all faring? With a bit of luck we may be returning to school soon. In the meantime here is a very special book, read by the author, in chapters: it's called Floodland, by Marcus Sedgwick. I will be listening to it at bedtime until we return to school and we may do some work around it so make sure you are listening. Here is the link: https://marcussedgwick.com/floodland/    Enjoy. 

18/05/20 - Good morning year sixes and how are we all today? Do we know that it is half term holiday next week? I guess no one is going anywhere for that! Please look at the tab below called 'Gadgets'. This is our next piece of work and I hope you enjoy it. 

14/05/20- Good afternoon to our wonderful Year 6! Mrs Said and I hope you and your families are doing well. Our science topic for the summer term is Evolution and Inheritance. We have added a 'Science Tasks' tab so have a look and enjoy learning new information. We really miss you all and look forward to seeing you return soon. Take care.

11/05/2020 Good morning Year 6! Hope everyone enjoyed the bank holiday weekend at home. As many of you may be aware, this week would have been SATs week! We thought not to let all your hard work be wasted though,so we have attached below 'silly' papers for you to have a go at. Send us your thoughts! Take care and keep up the good work at home. 

08/05/2020  VE DAY ANNIVERSARY  Good morning everyone and happy VE Day. We are commemorating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe and the end of the 2nd World War. But for the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women of that generation, this country's future would have very different. It is a time to celebrate with your families and I have put a poster on our year 6 page as model for you to create your own. There's also a tricky wordsearch called 've wordsearch' on the tab below. Have a lovely long weekend and look after yourselves at home. 

04/05 - Hi everyone, please find a lovely activity booklet on the tab below called 'Activity Booklet'. Although it starts with maths it also has some English tasks too for you to enjoy. I will post the answer booklet in a few days. Please do contact your teacher if you get stuck.  

03/05 - Hi everyone, as it's Sunday I have included a nice drawing task on the tab below. It's called 'Window pic' and you have to draw people you know in the windows during the lock down. It could be members of your family or your friends but try to give them recognisable features. If you can't print off the template just copy the windows as you see them here. Please send your completed drawing with your name on it. 

30/04 - Good morning year 6 from Mrs Said and Mrs Omar. We have to admit that we are really missing you and being all together in school. However, we know that you are a resilient group of youngsters and can keep going until we have a date for the lockdown to end. As we are feeling kindly today, you will find a nice art suggestion at the bottom of the page (keyhole). If however you feel inclined to improve your English skills, here is a link to Learning by Questions (LbQ). Some of you may remember us doing the questions in class. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and stay safe. https://www.lbq.org/search/english?quickRef=12066 


29/04 - Good morning everyone, we hope you are all keeping up the good work. Please click on this link for a series of 10 minute writing challenges by some of our favourite children's  authors.    https://authorfy.com/10minutechallenges/ 

27/04 - Good morning year 6, I hope you and your families are all doing well. I have had a recent email advising me that one of our pupils has done all of the tasks on MyMaths so I am attaching more resources below. Some of you are sending us work every day and some of you are not sending any, which is fine as long as you are doing some work. I hope you are all tuning in for the workouts and logging onto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAtx2JP3ICM for writing lessons. Jane will refer to a film but you can find the relevant film. Please keep logging on to Active Learn for your reading books. Take care and hopefully it won't be too much longer before we are all back together again. 

21/04 - Good morning Year 6. Thank you to everyone who has emailed recently with your work, it's been nice to hear from you. We have added a few more Reading and GPS tasks so click on the tabs to complete them (the files have been named as NEW). Madame Guy has also updated the French tasks tab with new activities so if you haven't looked at the French tab yet, maybe you could do so today. Take care everyone. 

PS. To challenge yourself with the new reading comprehension activities that have been uploaded, click on the file and scroll down to the pages that have the three stars (***) on them. 

20/04- Morning Year 6! Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter 'break'! As mentioned in the previous update, we have attached an interesting booklet called Doors below. So far we have had one child email us the first activity which was lovely to read. We would also like to hear from the rest of you so send us an email of your writing! We have also set new tasks on MyMaths.

14/4 - Good morning Year 6, we hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend. We have attached an interesting booklet below called, Doors - the  world of possiblity. Have a go at completing some of the activities. We have had fun answering some of your emails so keep them coming. It would appear that some of you have taken your Easter holidays, which is fine, but you can still email just to say hi. 

06/04- Morning everyone! Hope you are all healthy and happy. Have a go at the Maths Home Challenge sheet uploaded below  #ActiveMaths. Have a good day!

04/04 - Good morning everyone we hope you are all well. Please look below to find a copy of First News, a newspaper especially written for children. 

02/04- Morning everyone! Hope you are all well. Well done to the 14 children in Greenheart and 13 in Elm who have logged into MyMaths so far. We have added new tasks on there. If you need help with any of the questions or you would like to show us your work, email us at earlsmeadyear6@gmail.com. Keep up the good work!

01/4 - Solve the word search attached below and email us once you have completed it- earlsmeadyear6@gmail.com . Have fun!

31/3- Five more GPS quizzes have been uploaded (quizzes 5-10) in the GPS tasks tab- have a look and complete.

31/3 Try the picture maths puzzle below

31/3 Hello everyone, we hope you and your families are all doing well. Fantastic work is being done by some children who are logging onto Bug Club and MyMaths and completing lots of grammar work. For others, make sure you are completing some work everyday, otherwise you will find an eventual return to school quite difficult. Have you been accessing the reading tasks on the tab opposite? Have you been joining in with the daily workout with Joe? More children have logged into MyMaths since our last message so see if we can keep increasing our numbers until we are all logged on. Message teachers on earlsmeadyear6@gmail.com for your login details if you haven't already got them. Stay busy and remember to help out with chores at home. Have a great day from Mrs Said & Mrs Omar. 

27/03 Good morning everyone have you logged onto MyMaths? I have set some new tasks on Ratio so have a go. So far only 11 children have logged in from Greenheart and 5 from Elm. If you don't have your login, email teachers on earlsmeadyear6@gmail.com

25/3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MCuyN3Cg9k Use this link to access an English writing lesson with Jane Considine. https://www.pixar.com/la-luna This is the link for the film Jane is asking you to watch.. 

23/03: GPS tasks have now been added on- please look at the tab on the right. You will also find a Daily Workout and Outdoor Learning tab which are new.

21/03: Email teachers at earlsmeadyear6@gmail.com  to request your MyMaths login and password if you were not at school on Friday